Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tramway Buffet Experience

 the place
On my hubby's 34th birthday, we had our lunch in the famous Tramway Garden for an Eat All You Can dining experience. I've learned about this by searching for the cheapest eat all you can restos in Manila. I've read some reviews about the place and most of them are positive. Imagine, for P205 pesos only, you can splurge into their wide variety of menu which includes combination of Filipino, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. I've learned that the buffet lunch time starts at 12 NN so we left the house at around 11:30 am. It's just two jeepney rides away from our house so we arrived at around 12:15 PM.

When we came, the buffet table is still empty but there are already a number of people inside. We asked the waitress about their lunch hours and she promptly apologized and informed us that there has been some minor issues which caused the delay. Well, apologies accepted, we are not in a hurry anyway. But to be honest with you...I'm already dead hungry that time. We waited for about 15 minutes more when the food servers started to bring out the foodies.
read this first to avoid extra charges

Maybe because of the long delay, the hungry people inside immediately rushed into the buffet table. I asked my hubby to get his food first and I'll just follow because nobody would be left in the table with our bags. But later on I've realized that we can just leave our belongings on the table because almost everyone stood up to get their fill. So I joined the crowd and had my first plate.

 the miso soup - apetizer

california maki, buchi, siomai, grilled chicken, fried rice, siopao, fried rice, pancit, stirred tofu and grilled fish

I took a little break after consuming my first plate. I tried eating those vegetable salad and buko pandan for a change. I want to try as many viands as I can.  I remembered my mom saying that if you want to make the most out of eat all you can buffet such as this one, minimize the intake of rice so you wont get easily that way, you can get a taste of all the dishes available. With that in mind, I again went to the buffet table and had my second fill.

my second plate! lots of grilled chicken, steamed fish, sweet and sour pork, clams, california maki, fried dumplings

garden fresh salad with mayo and califonia maki

fresh fruits and 
buko pandan

It's really a great experience! It took us about two hours to finally say we're already full. The food tastes great  and with great variety. Such a value for money. I would definitely go back to this place this time with my whole clan.

Tramway Garden Buffet is located at:
65 Timog Avenue, Barangay South Triangle Quezon City
415-2005 / 410-4237 (Phone)

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