Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something Fishy Talaga

Last week week we had our breakfast @ Something Fishy Eastwood Libis. After our night shift - we decided to splurge thru their "eat all you can breakfast buffet" for only P120 pesos! The first time I heard about it, I really told myself I should try that once and since I was'nt able to enjoy the "eat all you can buffet" @ my brother's wedding @ Dads SM Megamall - I asked my friends to go try eating breakfast @ Something Fishy nga. Though it's kind'a raining and it's very hard to get a cab - we still made it to the place. Thru my excitement, right after the waitress found a table for 11 people - I hurriedly took a plate I almost fell coz of their slippery floor. Thank God I was able to manage my balance. To my dismay, I really did'nt want what I tasted. The adobo is sooo greasy you will feel you're sipping a bottle of cooking oil - the tapa is not that palatable soft
and the pancake is hard you would exchange it for a hot pandesal instead. I can't even remember one outstanding dish from the menu and take note, I can't even finish half of what's on my plate. Their bottomless iced tea costs P50 but it seems like they only allow 3 rounds of refill because after we had our third, the waiter who is refilling our glasses never came back. He only came back after we asked for the bill. Hmp! We ended up paying almost P190 each for a "not so good" meal and "three rounds of refillable iced tea". WOW! Though I'm really not so happy with the food, I am still thankful that I had a really good time with my friends. We laughed all the time and we've learned a lot of chizmax from the office. There's nothing that can beat "good and happy conversation" especially when you're stuck in a not so good meal. Here's some of the pics of our Something Fishy Not So Good Breakfast Buffet!

the early birds

my first plate (look at all those greases!)

our wacky gang

my second plate - I've had enough!


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