Friday, January 6, 2012


my friendships
As a part of our bi-monthly bonding, me and my friend Melai decided to have our lunch together since that would be our last shift before our ever anticipated rest day. But since RJ, our new gay friend had a very long call, we just decided to ask him if he wants to go with us and he did! We picked Pizza Hut at the 4th Floor Robinson's Galleria as Melai wanted to order their P99 SUPER PANALO MEAL.

The waiter who assisted us is very approachable. He handed us the menu and we were quite apprehensive because we don't see the Super Panalo Meal anywhere on the menu. Melai said she just ordered it last week so we asked the waiter. Good thing he gave us another menu with the said meal on it. Now I know what my strategy would be if I decided to again eat here...ask, ask, ask.

We talked about a lot of things...from family matters to sex and lovelife. I've realized a lot of things...I have considered a lot of options. The food is great as well. I've ordered cream of mushroom, Hawaiian pizza pan and an iced tea. I may say it's sulit for P99!

It's a fun filled afternoon with open minded people like RJ and Melai. Hope to have many meals with people like and informative.

i love the mushroom soup!

my favorite hawaiian pizza


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